TitanHQ’s Record Success in MSP Market and Its New ‘Margin Maker for MSPs’ Program

Cloud security vendor, TitanHQ, has experienced outstanding growth in the third quarter of 2019, getting the busiest quarter for its MSP business throughout the 20+ year history of the company.

The company has expanded into the top cloud-based email and web security solutions provider for managed service providers in the SMB market. At first, the company offered anti-spam devices to local companies in Galway, Ireland. Now, the company is a worldwide cloud-based network security solutions provider for SMBs and MSPs.

Over 8,200 businesses worldwide use the company’s major cloud-based network security solutions, which include SpamTitan email security, ArcTitan email archiving and WebTitan DNS filtering. The company now has over 2,200 MSP partners.

TitanHQ’s achievement in the OEM, MSP, and service provider sector can be credited to a number of variables. A lot of other firms have only regarded MSPs after developing products, with extra functionality included to attract the MSP market. TitanHQ always put MSPs at the center of its security solutions development.

The firm has a clear and versatile pricing policy with extremely competitive margins to give profit to MSPs by offering TitanHQ’s primary cloud-based network security solutions to their clients and expand their company.

If MSPs subscribe to the TitanShield partner program, they receive comprehensive sales and marketing support. Every MSP has assigned engineers, an account manager, and a highly qualified support team to make sure of success. Because of the ease of achieving success for its partners, TitanHQ has gained big returns.

It looks like that the victories of the third quarter of 2019 will continue in the fourth quarter with the introduction of a new sales effort. The Quarter 4 program is appropriately called Margin Marker for MSPs, which is a disruptive price bundle that covers email and web security systems.

TitanHQ is giving a special ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ email and web security package deal that secures both email and the web, from ransomware, malware, phishing attacks, spear phishing attacks and botnets.

The package deal provides security and breach protection for MSPs, their workers, and their customers, which is offered in two customizable private clouds to satisfy the requirements of MSP partners. The offer will make sure of the profitability of MSPs in Q4.

OpalIT, an MSP based in the U.K., is currently enjoying the benefits of the new package. OpalIT is presently providing its 6,000+ customers the three TitanHQ solutions, WebTitan DNS filtering, SpamTitan email security, and ArcTitan email archiving.

OpalIT shifted to TitanHQ due to the MSP specific solutions, simplicity of deployments, comprehensive APIs performance and the higher margin the company is currently making.

MSPs are urged to meet up with the TitanHQ team at major MSP activities in October and November to get more information regarding the Margin Maker for MSPs program and the TitanShield partner plan.

Elizabeth Hernandez

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