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HIPAA Coach was created to offer current and comprehensive HIPAA training. Our objective is to serve as a reliable and authoritative resource on HIPAA-related matters, catering to the informational needs of individuals, organizations, and businesses impacted by HIPAA. Our efforts are directed towards assisting in the prevention of data breaches, safeguarding personal data privacy, and aiding entities in adhering to the strict financial compliance requirements stipulated by this legislative act.

To help HIPAA-covered bodies be compliant with the relevant state and federal legislation in relation to managing and using Protected Health Information (PHI) and Personally Identifiable Information (PII), we have put together a comprehensive HIPAA Coaching and advice section. This section includes all the guidance that you require in your attempts to ensure you are adhering.

There is also a news section which we update constantly. It contains news reports regarding HIPAA breaches, amendments and all other relevant news stories for HIPAA.

HIPAA Coach is dedicated to publishing the latest information on the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act when it becomes available. Our information articles are written by skilled and experienced reporters. 

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Daniel Lopez

Daniel Lopez is the HIPAA expert behind HIPAA Coach. Daniel has over 10 years experience as a HIPAA trainer and has developed deep experience in teaching HIPAA to healthcare professionals. Daniel has contributed to numerous publications including expert articles on The HIPAA Guide. Daniel is currently a staff writer on HIPAA at the Healthcare IT Journal. Daniel was a subject matter expert for ComplianceJunction’s online HIPAA training. Daniel’s academic background in Health Information Management is the foundation of his HIPAA expertise. Daniel’s primary professional interest is protecting patient privacy, which he believes is the core of the HIPAA regulations and the best route to HIPAA compliance. You can reach Daniel on the form below, via email at danielopezl@hipaacoach.com , and follow Daniel on X/Twitter https://twitter.com/DanielLHIPAA

Elizabeth Hernandez, News Editor

Elizabeth Hernandez is a news journalist who specialises in compliance and IT security news. Elizabeth focuses on the intersection of regulatory compliance and data security and privacy. You can reach Elizabeth at elizabethhernandez@hipaacoach.com.

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