TigetConnect and Call Scheduler Announces TigerSchedule Automated On-Call Physician Scheduling

TigerConnect announced its acquisition of Adjuvant’s Call Scheduler solution and has integrated it into the TigerConnect’s clinical communication and collaboration (CC&C) platform called TigerSchedule™.

The Call Scheduler solution added advanced on-call physician scheduling functions to the TigerConnect platform, so that users can automate on-call and job assignments, boost efficiency, and reinforce collaboration among healthcare teams. Working closely between clinicians is important in healthcare especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Improving efficiency and cutting costs are also important considering the revenue restrictions during the pandemic.

TigerSchedule™ is an automated doctor scheduling solution that is available as a part of the TigerConnect Platform or as an independent solution. The Adjuvant-created solution currently has a huge user base in the US since it is being used by many healthcare providers such as care centers Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula and Huntsville Memorial Hospital and medical clinics Cardiac Specialists and Baptist Neurology.

The TigerSchedule™ solution provides a number of important benefits to healthcare organizations:

  • TigerSchedule™ incorporated new scheduling management functions to the TigerConnect platform.
  • The solution makes sure to implement fairness in scheduling, avoid over-assignment to healthcare companies, and give adequate time between shifts to avoid burnout.
  • There are automated notifications intelligently sent to the on-call schedule in case of patient cancellations, sickness, and vacations.
  • Providers can request their desired location, shift times and preferences for SMS notifications.
  • It streamlines the swapping of shifts and reduces the managers’ workload.
  • Faster team collaboration and improved resource optimization is possible with just one of view of all personnel
  • Rules-based automation and incorporation with EHRs provides better scheduling and flow of work.

Fast and efficient communication with the correct care team member is important when giving quality patient care.  Caregivers face an overwhelming challenge as the pressures of COVID-19 add to the present chaos of paper schedules and unforeseen changes in work shifts. It can be a matter of life and death. 

TigerConnect with TigerSchedule™ enables healthcare systems to simplify patient care delivery, enhance results, and uplift patient experience at the same time improving the bottom line. It specifically helps healthcare organizations to lower costs and achieve patient and care team fulfillment.

With the new partnership, Call Scheduler President Justin Wampach will become part of the TigerConnect team as Vice President of the Scheduling Division. The entire Call Scheduler workforce will also join TigerConnect. President Justin Wampach said that the offerings of Call Scheduler and TigerConnect complemented each other well and together would be quite beneficial to their customers.

Elizabeth Hernandez

Elizabeth Hernandez is the editor of HIPAA News section of HIPAA Coach and an experienced journalist in the healthcare sector. She specializes in healthcare and HIPAA compliance, making her a go-to source for information on healthcare regulations. Her work focuses on the importance of patient privacy and secure information handling. Elizabeth also has a postgraduate degree in journalism. Follow on Twitter: You can follow Elizabeth on twitter at https://twitter.com/ElizabethHzone