Serious Interruption to Campbell County Health Patient Services Due to Ransomware Attack

A ransomware attack on Campbell County Health based in Gillette, WY resulted in the deactivation of hospital systems, which blocked access to patient data. The attack commenced in early in the day of September 20, 2019 as stated by the Department of Health.

Campbell County Health started an investigation of the attack and worked on eliminating the ransomware, retrieving encrypted data, and getting systems back on the net; nevertheless, up to this time, Campbell County Health is still having significant inconveniences to medical services.

As per Campbell County Health reports, the attack impacted all of its systems. At this period, there is no evidence that indicates the unauthorized access or misuse of patient data.

The Walk-In Clinic, Maternal Child (OB) Department and Emergency Department stay open and have the personnel to triage and manage patients for treatment. Moving patients to other establishments will be scheduled, if necessary, and the County’s Emergency Medical Services (EMS) has more ambulances to satisfy demand. Patients who are staying at the hospital continue to be cared for and persons who require a greater degree of care are going to be relocated to other hospitals.

Campbell County Health has notified the proper authorities, such as the Wyoming Office of Homeland Security, concerning the cyberattack. At this time, it is still unknown how the installation of the ransomware happened, if it is possible to recover files, or the company would pay off the ransom demand.

Campbell County Health can’t say an ETA when services will resume. The phone system was just restored online. More updates on the state of patient services are shared regularly on the Campbell County Health web page.

This ransomware attack is the most current in a sequence of attacks on healthcare companies, municipalities, cities, and government institutions.

Elizabeth Hernandez

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