NIST is Seeking Comments for the Development of AI Standards and Tools

The National institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) passed a request for information (RFI) to get industry stakeholders’ feedback about the creation of new standards and tools for systems using artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.

February’s Executive Order on Maintaining American Leadership in Artificial Intelligence requires NIST to make a plan for technical specifications and tools to help support the development of dependable, powerful and trustworthy AI-based systems, in conjunction with tools that are required or useful in reducing obstacles to the safe evaluation and deployment of AI-based systems.

NIST wants to get feedback from stakeholders to enhance its knowledge of the present uses of AI, the potentials offered by AI-based systems, and the accompanying difficulties. NIST is hoping that stakeholder comments will help figure out present priorities.

The three main areas of focus of RFI are:

  • The status of and ideas for AI technical standards and associated tools development
  • Identifying and attaining U.S. leadership in AI standards
  • Prioritizing the engagement of the federal government in AI standardization

NST is seeking data on present standards and tools together with the names of the companies meeting the need for standards and whether they have resolved sector-specific needs or if they may be employed more extensively.

NIST is additionally keen to learn where U.S. companies are leading the standards development and how federal organizations could help to meet the requirements of making standards and AI tools.

Standards-associated tools can consist of, but not restricted to, testing tools (addressing conformance, functionality, interoperability, and stress assessment), use cases, reference data and data sets, training courses, and reference implementations.

Feedback from the private sector, academic agencies, federal organizations, nongovernmental groups, and other stakeholders with knowledge in AI and associated standards for plan development are welcome.

NIST needs to build its plan in 180 days of issuance of the executive order and will accept public feedback until May 31, 2019. NIST will additionally host a workshop on May 30 at its Gaithersburg, Maryland campus to encourage more conversations about its plan for involvement in AI technical standards.

For more information about the RFI and the exact areas where comments are needed, go here.

Elizabeth Hernandez

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