MITRE Introduces Centers to Safeguard Critical Infrastructure and Public Safety

Two new establishments announced by MITRE are assigned to address vital healthcare challenges and enhance cybersecurity to better secure critical infrastructure.

MITRE is a non-profit firm that handles government-funded research and development centers to help government bureaus in defense, homeland security, healthcare, cybersecurity, and other sectors. MITRE Labs was started in 2020 in connection with the restructuring of MITRE, with the new unit tasked with driving developments in advanced technology and applied science to improve the future of U.S. scientific and economic leadership.

Two new agencies were created currently within MITRE Labs – The Clinical Insights Innovation Cell and The Cyber Infrastructure Protection Innovation Center.

The Cyber Infrastructure Protection Innovation Center was established to connect the gap in technology between the public and private industry and make certain the industrial control systems, cyber-physical systems, and operational technology of critical infrastructure establishments are safeguarded.

Cybercriminal groups and nation-state actors are executing attacks on critical infrastructure, as confirmed by the latest cyberattacks on the meat company JBS, Colonial Pipeline, and a water treatment plant in Florida. These cyberattacks can have a devastating impact on economic security, national security, as well as the health and safety of all U.S. residents.

Critical infrastructure is mainly monitored and maintained by private industry companies. The new Cyber Infrastructure Protection Innovation Center is assigned to work across industry and government to fully grasp the cyber threats experienced by the critical infrastructure market and to determine practical actions that can be undertaken by managers of critical infrastructure to boost toughness to cyber threats.

The Clinical Insights Innovation Cell was organized to unite market leaders from the private and public sector to help handle critical healthcare issues and aims to present clinical and data science leadership, expertise, and state-of-the-art artificial intelligence approaches.

The Clinical Insights Innovation Cell team consists of data scientists, health professionals, informaticists, and gurus in the fields of artificial intelligence, clinical research trials, and digital health, and has the purpose of building a new system of doing clinical trials so that health systems are more reliable and strong.

MITRE Labs has made considerable advancements to increase MITRE’s influence, promote progressive disruption, quicken risk-taking, and breakthrough, and supply technology features explained MITRE Labs’ Charles Clancy. These new teams will enable us to move a lot quicker, be bolder, and work as better colleagues for locking down our country’s critical infrastructure and utilizing clinical and genomic information to take on the concerns of infectious disease and the offer of precision medicine.

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