Join the Survey on Emergency Preparedness and Security Trends in Healthcare

Every year, Rave Mobile Safety performs a survey to determine the trends in healthcare security and identify the healthcare industry’s state of emergency preparedness.

For the 2020 Emergency Preparedness and Security Trends in Healthcare report, information is being gathered from healthcare community leaders.

A lot of people already took part in the survey last year and have given data on the steps that have been implemented to boost safety in emergency cases. Their responses will be helpful in getting an overview of emergency preparedness all throughout the U.S.

If you’re reading this and have not yet taken part in the survey, you’re invited to join the anonymous survey and give your feedback (click here).

This is a chance for you to know how your colleagues in the healthcare industry across the country communicate in matters of emergency preparedness and security and where they hope to bring these practices in the future.

You can take part fully anonymously.

After completing the survey, you are going to have the chance to be entered into a raffle and win a $200 gift card gifted by the survey sponsor.

If you would like to get the anonymized survey results before publishing, provide your email address. You will also be entered into the raffle.

Note: HIPAA Coach is not doing this survey and is not receiving any payment for advertising this survey. This site doesn’t have any commercial relationship with the sponsor of the survey.

Elizabeth Hernandez

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