Integrated Technology Group Receives Compliancy Group’s Seal of Compliance

Integrated Technology Group is a top-rated healthcare-industry specific managed service provider (MSP) located in the Central Virginia region, which was certified as HIPAA compliant with Compliancy Group. This MSP has exhibited full compliance with the policies and procedures of the HIPAA Security, Privacy, Breach Notification, and Omnibus Rules and the specifications of the HITECH Act.

Integrated Technology Group is primarily offering private medical practices managed information technology services so that the patient care provider can focus on doing their jobs. At first, the company’s chief focus was offering break-fix services. Now, the company provides lots of managed IT services, such as assisting medical practices with cloud integrations, using VOIP solutions, continuity planning, and network security.

Because providing those services demands systems access and viewing the electronic protected health information (ePHI) of patients, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act Rules categorizes Integrated Technology Group as a business associate. Therefore, Integrated Technology Group should also be HIPAA compliant just as the healthcare clients it serves. This means that it is important to implement safety measures to protect the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of ePHI; to create, implement, and maintain policies and procedures to make sure of sustained HIPAA Rules compliance.

Cyberattacks on medical care providers are rising every day and the HHS’ Office for Civil Rights and state Attorneys General are stricter in enforcing HIPAA Rules compliance. HIPAA compliance is more important now than ever for healthcare companies and business associates.

Integrated Technology Group has long been dedicated to adhering to all facets of HIPAA Rules and serving its healthcare customers to satisfy their compliance specifications. To show the company’s responsibility to upholding privacy and security, it took its compliance program to a higher level by seeking the guidance of Compliancy Group.

Integrated Technology Group went through the exclusive 6-Stage HIPAA Risk Analysis and remediation process and used The Guard®, a special HIPAA compliance tracking software of Compliancy Group. After this, Integrated Technology Group has proven that its compliance system complies with the strict specifications of HIPAA and the HITECH Act.

After completing the program successfully, Integrated Technology Group received the Compliancy Group’s HIPAA Seal of Compliance award, which gives its healthcare customers the assurance that the company is capable of offering an effective and HIPAA compliant services to medical practices and healthcare companies of any size.

Paul Meadows, the President and CEO of Integrated Technology Group, said: “Our capacity means your security.” That is why all Integrated Technology Group staff members had considerable training on HIPAA compliance.

Elizabeth Hernandez

Elizabeth Hernandez is the editor of HIPAA News section of HIPAA Coach and an experienced journalist in the healthcare sector. She specializes in healthcare and HIPAA compliance, making her a go-to source for information on healthcare regulations. Her work focuses on the importance of patient privacy and secure information handling. Elizabeth also has a postgraduate degree in journalism. Follow on Twitter: You can follow Elizabeth on twitter at