Hundred Thousands of Patients Impacted by Utah Ransomware Attack and Seattle Psychiatric Clinic Breaches

Premier Family Medicine, a physician group in Utah, is informing 320,000 patients regarding the potential compromise of some of their protected health information (PHI) because of the latest ransomware attack.

The ransomware attack happened on July 8, 2019 and momentarily blocked access to patient records and selected systems. A breach notice posted on its website on August 30, 2019 stated that the physician group already advised law enforcement and hired technical consultants to look into the breach and restore patient data and systems access. It is uncertain if the group paid the ransom demand. The breach impacted all ten Premier Family Medicine locations in Utah County.

Although investigation results show that patient data was not accessed or taken, Premier Family Medicine chief administrator, Robert Edwards said that they have taken action on further enhancing their system security.

15,537 Patients Impacted by Community Psychiatric Clinic Breaches

Community Psychiatric Clinic in Seattle, WA provides mental health services. It has encountered three email security breaches which impacted 15,537 patients.

Sound in Washington, which provides mental health and addiction treatment services, has just expressed its partnership with Community Psychiatric Clinic in providing services. The merger is envisioned to be finalized in fall 2019.

Presently, there is limited information regarding the breaches. There is no press release issued and the Sound website has not mentioned anything about the breaches. There are three different incidents listed on the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office for Civil Rights’ breach portal, which were all posted on August 15, 2019. The three incidents impacted 3,030, 6,641, and 5,866 persons.

To date, there is still no additional news regarding the incident(s) or partnership developments.

Elizabeth Hernandez

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