Gartner Publishes the Second Market Guide for Cloud Service Providers to Healthcare Delivery Organizations

The 2019 Market Guide for Cloud Service Providers to Healthcare Delivery Organizations (HDOs) has been released by Gartner. It features research of the healthcare cloud market and details how the cloud could be a workable solution for healthcare providers striving for greater effectiveness and versatility than is probable using the conventional on-premises system.

A lot of healthcare providers are now recognizing the significance of cloud-based options and how clever usage of the cloud will help boost efficiency, reduce misuse, and decrease the price of medical care services. The industry may well fall behind other markets when it comes to cloud adoption, however, the landscape is evolving quickly while the healthcare cloud market develops.

Healthcare CIOs are presently considering the cloud as an add-on of their internal facilities. Though in the beginning there was a good deal of criticism concerning the cloud caused by the security hazards and potential for fees to spin out of control, there is now prevalent acclaim that the cloud may function as an IT service delivery magic size and the healthcare sector is now a lot more accepting of the cloud. Using cloud-based infrastructure and cloud services has concrete advantages to be obtained. HIPAA policies could be complied with, and related risks could be minimized to an acceptable level.

Gartner has reacted to the progression in cloud usage in medical care by developing a market guide for HDOs. This guide highlights and explains the market; examines the route the market is taking; and discusses the most important vendors that are aiding HDOs in switching to the cloud.

Gartner has separated the market into four divisions to help healthcare providers identify cloud companies and their products. The top tier, of course, includes the major cloud service providers (CSPs) for example Microsoft (Azure), Google (Google Cloud), Amazon (AWS) and IBM (IBM Cloud). The second tier consists of smaller CSPs offering more special solutions for the medical market, for instance, Healthcare Blocks and Virtustream.

The third tier is composed of vertical market players that provide internet hosting for electronic health records. Listed in this tier are hosting businesses, for instance, Atlantic.Net offering safe, HIPAA-compliant hosting products for electronic health records to permit EHRs to be utilized from any area in real-time, coupled with HIPAA-compliant hosting for websites, cloud-based storage services, and databases.

The last tier consists of platform-as-a-service companies. These are integrated delivery networks that have made their own cloud-based services for internal usage and are presently offering those solutions to other healthcare systems for licensed use. One company is UK Cloud Health.

This is the second Market Guide for Cloud Service Providers to HDOs created. Atlantic.Net was mentioned in the guide for the second instance for being a prominent security and compliance service company.

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