Data Breach Reports of Hoboken Radiology and Glacier Medical Associates

Hoboken Radiology located in New Jersey has commenced informing patients concerning a security breach that transpired from June 2, 2019 to December 1, 2020. In the latest report, Hoboken Radiology mentioned it got a notice on November 3, 2020 with regards to dubious activity in its medical imaging server.

Independent cybersecurity experts were involved to check out the occurrence and figure out any patient data was obtained by unauthorized persons. The investigation is still continuing, yet it was affirmed that there were suspicious associations from an external source concerning the previously mentioned dates. The breached server included patient information that could have likely been accessed or acquired by unauthorized persons.

An evaluation of files on the server confirmed they comprised a selection of patient data which include names, sex, birth dates, treatment schedules, referring doctor names, patient ID numbers, accession numbers, medical pictures, and a description of those photos. There were no compromised Social Security numbers, payment card information, financial data, and health insurance details.

Though it was established that there was unauthorized server access, no information was uncovered that implies the actual or attempted wrong use of patient information. Guidelines, procedures, and processes connected to safe-keeping of and access to personal data are being assessed and will be modified to better safeguard patient records later on.

Hoboken Radiology already submitted the breach report to the right authorities nevertheless there is no posting of the data on the HHS’ Office for Civil rights webpage, thus it is unknown accurately how many people were impacted.

Glacier Medical Associates is Notifying Patients Regarding April 2021 Data Breach

Glacier Medical Associates based in Whitefish, MT has reported a security breach on April 7 that has resulted in the potential access of patient data. Third-party digital forensics experts were involved to check out the breach and find out the nature and extent of the occurrence. The investigation finished on May 10. There is no proof of information theft found and there were no reported incidents of improper use of patient information. No data was published regarding the nature of the security breach.

Practice Administrator Kelli Meuchel was instructed by the practice’s lawyer not to make known the number of people impacted and the case was not yet posted on the HHS’ Office for Civil Rights breach site. Meuchel mentioned all impacted people will receive notification via mail and will be instructed regarding the types of data that were breached.

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