25M AMCA Data Breach Victims To Date Including Wisconsin Diagnostic Laboratories Patients

The number of American Medical Collection Agency (AMCA) data breach victims has risen to almost 25 million as another Wisconsin Diagnostic Laboratories (WDL) confirmed that its patients were impacted by the security breach.

WDL manages 13 medical testing centers in the Milwaukee area. Close to 114,985 of its patients received notifications regarding the exposure of their protected health information (PHI) caused by the AMCA breach.

AMCA notified WDL on June 3, 2019 that several patients’ data were affected because its web payment portal was hacked. The unauthorized person accessed the site on August 1, 2018. AMCA only detected the hacking on March 30, 2019.

The compromised information included the names of patients, birth dates, names of lab testing or medical service providers, dates of service, name of referring doctor, the sum payable to WDL, and other health information linked to the services provided by WDL. The patients’ Social Security numbers or lab test results were not compromised but the financial information such as credit card number or bank account information of a number of individuals were compromised. Such persons received notifications directly from AMCA.

The patients affected by breach included only those with payable bills because their information was made available to AMCA for collection.

The same as what the other clients of AMCA did, WDL ended its business arrangement with AMCA because of the breach and made sure to retrieve and secure their patients’ data.

WDL is number 23 in the list of healthcare company impacted by the AMCA data breach. There is now a total of 24,911,500 persons affected by the breach.

Elizabeth Hernandez

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