Invitation to Join the Emergency Preparedness and Security Trends in Healthcare Survey

Every year, Rave Mobile Safety surveys the healthcare industry to determine the trends in healthcare security and find out the condition of the industry’s emergency preparedness.

For the report entitled “2020 Emergency Preparedness and Security Trends in Healthcare,” RAVE Mobile Safety is seeking insight from leaders in the healthcare industry.

Many already took part in the survey last year and gave information regarding the security measures they had implemented to enhance their organization’s protection in emergency situations. Answers to the survey are going to be used for understanding the status of the entire United States in terms of emergency preparedness.

To all those who have not yet participated in the survey, Rave Mobile Safety is extending the invitation to anonymously share their responses to the survey that can be accessed here.

This survey gives the opportunity for you to learn how your colleagues in the healthcare industry across the country respond in emergency preparedness and security issues and what can be expected next in relation to these issues.

Participation in the survey is completely anonymous.

Those who complete the survey will have the chance to join a raffle and win a $200 gift card courtesy of the survey sponsor.

Only participants who provide their email address can enter the raffle. In addition, they get to know the anonymized survey results prior to being published.

Note: HIPAA Coach is not compensated to share this news.

Elizabeth Hernandez

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