What is Considered a Violation of HIPAA?

Scarcely a day passes without a media report of a hospital, health plan, or healthcare professional breaching HIPAA, but what is a HIPAA breach and what happens when a violation takes place? What does a HIPAA Violation entail? The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 is a pivotal piece of legislation that was … Read more

What is Considered PHI under HIPAA?

Any identifiable health information that is used, maintained, stored, or transmitted by a HIPAA-covered entity is considered as PHi under HIPAA. A HIPAA-covered entity refers to a healthcare provider, health plan or health insurance firm or a healthcare clearinghouse – or a business associate of a HIPAA-covered entity, in relation to the supply of healthcare … Read more

Is WhatsApp HIPAA Compliant?

When WhatsApp revealed that it was introducing end-to-end encryption, it opened up the potential for healthcare outfits to use the service as a practically free secure messaging app, but is WhatsApp HIPAA compliant? Many healthcare worker have sought an answer to the question is WhatsApp HIPAA compliant, and some healthcare workers are already using the … Read more

What is a HIPAA Violation?

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 was enacted to make the management of healthcare easier, cut wastage, reduce healthcare fraud and see to it that healthcare workers could maintain healthcare coverage when moving between jobs. There have been a number of major updates to HIPAA legislation over since it was enacted. These … Read more

What is the Purpose of HIPAA?

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act – or HIPAA as it is usually referred to – is a game-changing legislative Act affecting U.S. healthcare, but what is the purpose of HIPAA? HIPAA was originally passed in 1996, under the Clinton administration, to ensure that employees would continue to receive health insurance coverage when they … Read more

What is Considered PHI under HIPAA?

PHI is data that is secured by the legislation known as HIPAA. It includes all health information that can be linked to a person, which under HIPAA means protected health information that has one or more of the stated 18 identifiers listed below. It (PHI) only refers to data held on patients or health plan … Read more